Sunday, 30 April 2017

NEW Fairytale Birth Certificates for Little People + Giveaway!!! Nowe Bajkowe Metryczki dla Maluchów+ Rozdawajka!!!

Hello Lovely Friends!
Today I wanted to show you new project (inspired by my friend Monika, who gave me this idea:)))
I started making Birth Certificates/ Plates for children:)) And I love making them!!! I customize every painting according to client's wish. I just need bio info about child and I will incorporate them into fairytale watercolour painting. It is a great idea for a gift for christening or birthdays!!! For older children I can also include their favourite colours or toys:) I am also planning to make these for couples for wedding gift:)))
If you would like to order, please visit my Etsy shop:
or you can also email me at

also visit my Facebook profile or TandiArt Page to enter my GIVEAWAY. You can win personalized painting!!!

Witajcie Kochani!
Dziś chciałam przedstawić Wam mój nowy projekt (powstał dzięki pomysłowi mojej koleżanki Moniki))) Oto bajkowe metryczki dla maluchów i nie tylko;) Uwielbiam je malować! Każdy taki akwarelowy obrazek powstaje na życzenie klienta, który podaje dane dziecka. A juz moja w tym głowa by wkomponować informacje w bajkowy obrazek:). Jest to super prezent na chrzciny, czy urodziny. Starszym dzieciom można dodać ich ulubione zabawki czy kolory;) Planuję także zacząć malować takie pamiątkowe obrazki również na prezent ślubny (np para nowożeńców z datą ślubu).

Zamówienia można składać w moim sklepie Etsy:
lub meilem na 

Warto również odwiedzić moją stronę Facebook , gdzie w rozdawajce gdzie możecie wygrać taki personalizowany obrazek;)


Friday, 14 April 2017


Hello Arty Souls!

I feel the springtime is coming so I decided to go back to designing dremacatchers. I LOVE them as they they are an original paintings of mine captured in a form of dreamcatcher which in magicl ways keep your bad dreams away:) They are also great gift for communion or birthday. They can be also customized with a name:)
They really take hour to make as I paint a mixed media painting on fabric with layers of paints, decorative papers and stamps. Then I carefully match the 'tail' which colours match with painting. For tail I use laces, trims, wool and pieces of Indian sari.
I hope you enjoy them! 
You can buy theme here:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Introduction to Renesans Paints+ video tutorial

Today I would like to share with you my experience of fantastic watercolour and acrylic paints by Polish company Renesans. I created video for you with flower tutorial! Grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy!
Video tutorial

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Watercolour collage in my Etsy Shop

Hello Arty Souls!

I am very passionate recently about creating watercolour collages. I paint separately elements such as flowers, hearts, boats and I add them to the main piece. This way I create more texture an dimension:)
I hope you like them and now they are listed in my Etsy Shop:


Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Paintings+ Mixed Media Kits+ video

Helo My Arty Souls!
Happy New Year!!!
Today I wanted to show you few of my new watercolour paintings:) I am in love with this medium recently. I also add other mixed media pieces to the painting to add more texture!
I am also inviting you to my Etsy shop, which will be updated regularly:)
Scroll down to see the video about my new Mixed Media Kits;)

 Video here: 


Saturday, 10 December 2016

Frozen flowers- mixed media piece using dried flowers and Sculpture Medium

Hi Arty Souls!
Today I tried something else :) I was going to throw away the old bouquet where I though that maybe I can use it for a project:) I wanted to create an effect of flowers covered with frost and snow:)
And Sculpture Medium by Prima Marketing was perfect for it. I glued the flowers  to mdf board first using gel medium, then I put generous amount of scultpure medium, after that added a little bit of watercolours just to bring the texture out;) Around the edges I used Snow Paste by Prima Marketing.
At the end I sprinkled it with white glitter:)
All supplies you can find in Mixed Media Place


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Watercolour love

 Hello Arty Souls:)

Since I attended fabulous workshop with Danielle Donaldson, I am in love with watercolours:) And I do have my favourites already:) I use Watercolor Confections by Prima Marketing. They are coming in cute small and portable tins and they are combine in little colour pallets. There are 5 different pallets so far and I have four of them and I love all of them:) They have very strong pigment which allows to use them also in mixed media. These two paintings I made on white canvas 20cmx20cm. In the first one I used the Shimmering Lights set and I love its calm and natural tone:) As you can see, I added some embellishments too. One you add a little bit of gesso, watercolours will flow:)
 Here I used the Pastel set which has my favourite mint colour in it:)

 These are other three sets:
Do not be afraid of watercolours, just take time to play with them and to observe them:) And I can assure you, they are fun to works with:)